Architect Tsuyoshi Tane will design the event space 2023!




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Each CRAFT SAKE WEEK at ROPPONGI HILLS has a different concept, and the venue space created by a leading Japanese architect is one of the great attractions of the event.

In 2023, the theme will be “Masu = Mass”!

The installation will be designed by Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane of ATTA – Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects. To express the wealth of culture and craftsmanship produced from Japan’s natural environment, he has chosen the concept of “Mass = Masu”, and will use approximately 3,000 “Masu” (a wooden box-shaped vessel, which can hold one square measure of rice, that has been used since ancient times), so that an overwhelming volume of Masu will envelop visitors, while the soft wood and lighting will bring to a sense of abundance to the event space.

Yoshiaki Tsutsui

Tsuyoshi Tane / Profile

Tsuyoshi Tane is a Japanese architect based in Paris and Founder of Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects. He is currently overseeing many projects in Europe, Japan and other locations in the world. His works include Estonian National Museum (2006–2016), A House for Oiso (2014–15), LIGHT is TIME (2014) (with DGT.), Hirosaki Museum (2017–) among others. Tsuyoshi has received numerous awards including the French Ministry of Culture Architecture Prize (2007), French Architects Overseas Grand Prix (2016), and 67th Japanese Ministry New Face Award of Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts (2017). He has been teaching at Columbia University GSAPP since 2012. ATTA – Atelier Tsuyoshi Tane Architects 公式サイト


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