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Pre-purchase of Starter Set available today!




Just a few more weeks until event!

Starting today, we’re excited to offer pre-purchases of the CRAFT SAKE WEEK 2024 starter set via the following URL:
CSW Starter Set Pre-purchase Page

The CSW Starter Set includes 11 official coins needed to purchase sake and food at the venue, as well as the official event glass into which all sake must be served.

Detailed information on “How to Join” is available here!

While it’s possible to enter the venue without pre-purchasing the starter set, we highly recommend doing so, as the official sake glass is available in limited quantities and may sell out.!
※The sake glasses from past events cannot be used.

There is no specific date requirement for purchasing the starter set. After pre-purchasing your starter set, please exchange your receipt for a starter set at the ‘Coin Sales Booth’ at the venue on the date of your desired visit.

Please be assured that even if the starter sets are sold out on the day of your visit, all pre-purchased sets will be kept at the ‘Coin Sales Booth’ until claimed.

We will continue to release event information as it becomes available, so stay tuned!


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