Venue Design Entrusted to the Up-and-Coming Architect Taichi Kuma!





Throughout its history, CRAFT SAKE WEEK has been a beacon for showcasing the allure of Japanese culture, integrating elements such as yagura (watchtowers), cherry blossoms, bamboo, hemp rope, and masu (wooden sake boxes), embodying the essence of Japan’s culture and seasons in its venue designs. Each year, with a fresh theme, we’ve had the privilege of engaging renowned young architects, both domestically and internationally, to oversee the installations.

This year’s CRAFT SAKE WEEK, the venue’s installation has been entrusted to the esteemed architect Mr. Taichi Kuma, known for his work on projects such as the design of the organic wood sauna “SAZAE” situated at the heart of the small inlet of Naoshima, renowned as an art island, and the “SHAREtenjincho” which received the prestigious Good Design Award, along with his contributions to TAILAND / Kengo Kuma & Associates, a firm known for its excellence in architectural and urban design.

Inspired by the concept of “SAKA-MORI,” the installation envisages the primal forest where sake originates, with natural trees and leaves composing the space. The forest that emerges in Roppongi will evoke a celebratory ambiance, prompting the primal joy of indulging in sake, a quintessential human pleasure. Additionally, a gigantic cedar ball measuring approximately 3 meters in size will grace the venue. While beholding the “cedar ball,” a symbol heralding the completion of new sake, we invite you to relish not only sake but also the rich tapestry of Japanese culture.

Moreover, within the venue, DJs from diverse genres will curate music to resonate with the space, design, and atmosphere, fostering a delightful ambiance.

We cordially invite you to savor not only sake and cuisine but also the immersive ambiance we’ve crafted within the space!

Taro Hirano
Taichi Kuma
Architect. TAILAND CEO.
1985 : Born in Tokyo
2013-2014 Master course, University of Stuttgart (Stuttgart, Germany)
2014-2016 PhD course, University of Tokyo (Tokyo, JAPAN)
2017-2020 SHoP Architects(New York, USA)