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Renowned as a charismatic DJ with a career spanning over 35 years, this luminary needs no introduction. Leading the scene from its inception to the present day, this DJ has exerted significant influence, particularly within the domestic house music scene, on numerous emerging to mid-level DJs. The majority of their DJ career has been dedicated to seeking out the latest tracks, captivating the dance floor with a unique groove, all while actively pursuing the latest dance music and DJ styles. This dedication has garnered them a multitude of fans both domestically and internationally, with frequent performances abroad. Regarded as one of the most influential figures in the electronic music scene, they are known as the "Techno Scientist," earning trust from domestic peers such as DJ-producer Richie Hawtin and Grammy artist Dub Fire, while attracting visits from renowned DJs worldwide during their visits to Japan. In addition to their DJ activities, they contribute actively to various endeavors, from serializing restoration methods for 1940s motorcycles in Harley magazine to documenting culinary adventures worldwide and engaging in animation-related projects. Their contributions extend far beyond mere groundwork and cultural influence, firmly establishing their presence across various fields. They serve as the navigator for "TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN.

TATSUO SUNAGA (sunaga t experience)

須永辰緒(sunaga t experience)

Sunaga t experience, the solo unit led by Susumu Sunaga, is a versatile DJ and producer. Through DJ performances, he has traversed all 47 prefectures of Japan. Furthermore, he has been actively involved in promoting musical exchanges between Japan and the Nordic countries through collaboration with various embassies, resulting in numerous overseas performances across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. His jazz compilation album series, "Susumu Sunaga's Night Jazz," continues with over 20 installments. In addition to a multitude of remix works both domestically and internationally, he has released six albums under his solo unit "Sunaga t Experience." As an advocate for analog culture, he enthusiastically releases vinyl-only productions through his self-managed label, "DISC MINOR." Engaging in music branding for dining establishments, streaming DJ performances, and serving as the "Ambassador for Future Support in Ashikaga," his hometown in Tochigi Prefecture, Sunaga remains actively involved in his local community.



A multifaceted individual who serves as both a director and DJ. He undertakes the role of director for a radio program at a station located in Tokyo. As a DJ, he holds a regular slot on the first Saturday of odd-numbered months, appearing on the program NAZWA!

NAZWA! (Watusi+Naz Chris)

NAZWA! (Watusi+Naz Chris) ’24

A producer duo consisting of Watusi from COLDFEET and Naz Chris, who also works as a DJ, organizer, and producer across London, India, and California, transcending generations, genders, nationalities, and genres. They advocate for the theme of "WA (circle)," uniting under the banner of "Ring Link Music," breaking down barriers and boundaries. Their performances at domestic and international events and festivals showcase a music journey that freely traverses genres such as Techno, Tech House, Nu Disco, World Music, DUB, and Japanese elements, all against the backdrop of the Balearic spirit, utilizing analog records and digital data. In 2018, they embarked on a Southeast Asia tour, playing in cities like Singapore, Jakarta, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Mumbai. In 2019, they released their 1st EP "KISS THE TOKYO GIRL" and launched the innovation program "TOKYO DANCE MUSIC WEEK," aiming to connect culture and people through dance music and unify Tokyo's nightlife scene. They continue their efforts to unite the Tokyo nightlife scene, with Naz Chris also serving as a navigator for "TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN.

Misato Ichiki

Misato Ichiki

DJ Misato Ichiki is a multitalented artist based in Tokyo, who also works as a beauty creator, brand director, and editor, while traveling between Seoul and New York. She has participated in organizing the United Nations-certified educational event "The Children’s Conference of the Future in Support of the United Nations."
Since her university days, she has been active as a model for JJ and CanCam, as well as a DJ, dancer, and designer. In 2012, she won the Contest sponsored by Akimoto Yasushi, Samantha Thavasa, and JJ, and also appeared in a Samantha Christmas Disney Collection commercial.
As a DJ, she has performed at events such as the Tokyo Girls Collection and has been a regular on YouTube Space TOKYO. In 2022, she released "MIRROR MIRROR" for streaming.

Naz Chris

Naz Chris ’24

A multifaceted individual, excelling as a DJ, MC, and producer. In his youth, he dedicated himself to athletics, achieving the pinnacle of success by becoming a national champion and securing three titles during high school. Transitioning from the world of competitive sports, he embarked on a career as a dancer, emerging from the spotlight of the burgeoning Olympic discipline of "Breaking." Subsequently, he expanded his endeavors as a DJ, MC, and writer, delving into the realms of radio and television. As a DJ, he showcased his talents in eight cities worldwide, broadening the scope of his artistic pursuits. In recent years, he has been actively engaged in social innovation efforts aimed at revitalizing and advancing Tokyo's live entertainment scene and nighttime economy. He has been instrumental in fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors. As the founder of "TOKYO DANCE MUSIC WEEK," he has spearheaded initiatives to promote the city's vibrant dance music culture. He is a member of the Japan Actors' Equity Association and serves as a director for the Japan Dance Music & DJ Association. Additionally, he serves as an innovator and navigator for "TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN.



In the early 1980s, participated in Tokyo Bravo. In 1985, starred in director Makoto Tezuka's "Legend of the Stardust Brothers." In 1986, formed "Tiny Punks" with Hiroshi Fujiwara. In 1988, co-founded Japan's first club music label, "MAJOR FORCE," alongside Hiroshi Fujiwara, Gota Yashiki, KUDO, and Toshio Nakanishi.



DJ active mainly in Shinjuku Ni-chome, specializing in cross-genre mixing with a focus on Techno and House, seamlessly blending Disco, NJS, Rock, and J-POP regardless of era, all in a four-on-the-floor manner. Known for incorporating self-produced re-edits and mashups into sets. Influenced by Mr. Tanaka Soichiro's DJ play at the "club snoozer" party at Shinjuku LIQUIDROOM, began DJ activities in Tokyo. Started at Shibuya Eggman, then expanded to CORE, Module, Rockwest, WOMB, ELEVEN, and various other venues across Tokyo as a Techno DJ. After a temporary hiatus, resumed activities as a streaming DJ in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The following year, embarked on both cross-dressing and cross-dressing DJ activities. Regularly performs at Shinjuku Ni-chome DJ BAR Neo Masquerade, made guest appearances at AiSOTOPE LOUNGE's "Utada Night 16" and secured main floor appearances for two consecutive years at ANNIVERSARY at the same venue. In 2024, appeared on J-WAVE TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN. A DJ mix described by navigator Kimura Kou as "deeply dark" was broadcasted. Planning to venture into original track production in the future.



An artist who expresses the balance of yin and yang through house music. With 15 years of international experience and overcoming various adversities, she has emerged as a truly unique presence. Her soulful performances not only ignite the dance floor but also warm the hearts of listeners. Her music, released both domestically and internationally, has garnered high praise from renowned DJs and music magazines in Europe, establishing her as one of the few esteemed female producers at the forefront of the scene. Furthermore, she continues to evolve through a diverse range of activities, from ambassadorial engagements to radio programs, talk sessions, and lectures.



Founder of BASS WORKS RECORDINGS. Since its inception in 2013, his label, BASS WORKS RECORDINGS, has already surpassed 150 titles, continuously delivering high-quality dance music to the world. With eight original albums released so far, along with singles distributed by labels from around the globe, the imprint has made its mark. His mix CDs for PACHA IBIZA during three consecutive seasons have achieved notable sales. In recent years, he has also been active as a member of the band THE ALEXX under the alias Eiji Sugiura. Since 2019, he has been responsible for the music of TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist., the fashion brand of renowned designer TAKAHIRO MIYASHITA. Currently, he is in the process of creating his first album in seven years, set to be released this summer!

Tak Umezawa

Tak Umezawa

Chairman of CIC Japan and Chairman of A.T. Kearney Japan. Engaged in urban development through the NEXTOKYO Project and in the creation of nighttime markets through the Nighttime Economy Promotion Council. In the 1980s, served as the bassist and composer/arranger for the band "G-Schmitt," a representative of gothic rock/positive punk. Participated in the production of a total of nine LPs, EPs, and CDs. Additionally, DJed at various events including Cartier's VIP parties. Hosts the monthly party "Mugino Oto Saturday" at Shinjuku's Mugi No Oto venue.



Starting his DJ career from 1985, he lead numerous parties in night clubs around Tokyo to great success, and then signed to ‘GOLD’ in 1994. As a residence DJ throughout, his aggressive play style quickly became known to Tokyo night-outers (NITELISTS). By 1995, he progressed his professionalism outside DJing to musical production, and formed ‘MALAWI ROCKS’ together with Taro Kawachi. On the same year, “Music Is My Flower”, a 12 inch single released from NIGHTGROOVE became a hit across the world. Another 1995 release, “EMMA HOUSE”, which became a world renown MIX CD from Japan enjoyed rocket sales with its supreme sound making-an astonishing 24 bit mastering which was well above MIX CD standard quality-and the excitement of the dance floor in a package. In 2014, he co-founded a new label NITELIST MUSIC, from which he released the Japan-made Acid House title, “ACID CITY”. Along with his MIX CD, “MIXED BY DJ EMMA vol.2”, a subsequent release from the last year, he toured around 15 venues across Japan. Known as KING OF HOUSE, he has and still plays fresh new music mainly from House Music with remarkable technique. In 2016, marking his 30th anniversary of DJing, he released “EMMA HOUSE XX~30th Anniversary~” from Universal Music. In 2017, releasing NO PICTURE(ON MY PHONE) feat.ZEEBRA as NUDE, a producer duo, with another upcoming release “ACID CITY3” in October, DM EMMA never ceases to surprise his audience as a DJ and as a producer.

DJ JIN (RHYMESTER / breakthrough)

DJ JIN (RHYMESTER / breakthrough)

The DJ/producer of RHYMESTER, a prominent hip-hop group representing Japan. Known for his modern sound production rooted in a deep understanding of various music genres such as funk, soul, and jazz, as well as his analog record-only club sets that consistently deliver high-quality grooves transcending eras and genres, earning him popularity among music enthusiasts. Moreover, he spearheads the DJ/producer collective "breakthrough," which collaborates with club artists worldwide, garnering unwavering acclaim from music lovers both domestically and internationally. Currently, he serves as the weekly Wednesday navigator for J-WAVE's music culture program, "TOKYO M.A.A.D SPIN." With an unwavering musical foundation, he continues to appeal to a diverse audience, solidifying his position as a truly exceptional artist.




A singer-songwriter hailing from Ibaraki Prefecture, who developed a love for music from an early age influenced by a father who adored rock and pop, and a mother who favored jazz and country. Graduating from a music specialized school, she immediately released an album, featuring tracks used as the ending theme song for TV Saitama music programs and in video game soundtracks. She has also gained experience through television appearances, radio hosting, and stage modeling. After taking a break following childbirth, she resumed her musical endeavors. In December 2023, she collaborated as a vocalist on two tracks with TDO (Tokyo Discotheque Orchestra), leading to the rapid sell-out of their 7-inch vinyl release, sparking considerable attention.


正山陽子 ’24

Born on July 24th in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture. During university, formed the organic soul unit "BardSyrup." Recognized by percussionist Jeffrey Haynes (known for supporting artists like Cassandra Wilson and Pat Metheny). In 2013, released the album "Yoko Masayama" under the name "Yoko Masayama." Contributed music and appeared as a singer in director Ryuichi Hiroki's film "Transparent Polar Bear." Received high praise from radio professionals for the subsequent 2nd album, "Sing and Sparkle: Songs of Departure." Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, released the 3rd album "The Song for 7 Days." Characterized by catchy lyrics and melodies rooted in jazz, with elements of Japanese popular songs, her music expresses a nostalgic yet innovative world of song. Emphasizing the significance of live performances, she captivates audiences with her unique and unrestricted expression, solidifying her status as a rare and captivating artist.



Hailing from Yokosuka, singer Hikaru Ohguro has been immersed in English culture since childhood. With a background in soul, R&B, and blues, she has graced various live events in Tokyo, appeared on radio shows, and contributed to recordings. Leveraging her versatile musical background, Hikaru has teamed up with sound creator Koriva, renowned for crafting danceable tracks, to form the collaborative unit "Lyko." Together, they explore urban and aggressive musical landscapes, delivering captivating sounds to their audience.


ヤマモト ミカ

Born on January 24th in Okayama Prefecture. Vocalist of the rock band THE JUMPIN' JUNGLE PARADISE. Encountering the 14th Dalai Lama by chance in India led to a realization of the infinite possibilities in life for everyone. Beginning in 2005, alongside modeling for outdoor magazines, embarked on a career as a singer. After the release of "Your Brand-new Self" in December 2017, expanded live performances energetically beyond Tokyo, including appearances in media such as music magazine WEROCK and FM, covering areas like Kyushu, Shikoku, Chugoku, and Okinawa. Also performed live overseas in places like Poland. Engaged in studio work, including backing vocals for albums by Tessei Miyoshi (currently Tessei Miki) and other studio collaborations. In April 2022, formed THE JUMPIN' JUNGLE PARADISE with former Crystal King bassist Eiji Omachi, former Hillbilly Bops drummer Ryutaro Konishi, and guitarist Hiroshi Fujioka from the Tessei Miyoshi Band. After releasing two singles, embarked on a nationwide tour and live performances at festivals. Continuously releasing singles, with plans to produce an album this summer.

Time Schedule

2024.4.18 Thu.

17:00-20:00KO KIMURA (DJ)

2024.4.19 Fri.

17:00-20:00TATSUO SUNAGA (DJ)

2024.4.20 Sat.

12:00-15:00MINAMIX (DJ)

15:30-16:00Refa (LIVE)

16:00-17:30NAZWA! (DJ)

18:00-18:30Refa (LIVE)

18:30-20:00NAZWA! (DJ)

2024.4.21 Sun.

12:00-15:00MISATO ICHIKI (DJ)


16:00-17:30Naz Chris (DJ)


18:30-20:00KAN TAKAGI (DJ)

2024.4.22 Mon.

17:00-20:00Ririko Nishikawa (DJ)

2024.4.23 Tue.

17:00-20:00RIRIKO (DJ)

2024.4.24 Wed.

17:00-20:00KATIE SE7EN (DJ)

2024.4.25 Thu.

17:00-20:00KO KIMURA (DJ)

2024.4.26 Fri.

17:00-20:00SUGIURUMN (DJ)

2024.4.27 Sat.

12:00-15:00MISATO ICHIKI (DJ)

15:30-16:00Lyko (LIVE)

16:00-17:30Tak Umezawa (DJ)

18:00-18:30Lyko (LIVE)

18:30-20:00Naz Chris (DJ)

2024.4.28 Sun.

12:00-15:00MINAMIX (DJ)


16:00-17:30EMMA (DJ)


18:30-20:00EMMA (DJ)

2024.4.29 Mon.

12:00-15:00NAZWA! (DJ)


16:00-17:30NAZWA! (DJ)


18:30-20:00DJ JIN (DJ)